Fossils Wholesale

They say that if you were to find a fossil of the skull of a Tyrannosaurus Rex or the teeth of a great dinosaur shark in your back yard, that discovery would be worth tens of thousands of dollars. It is true that rare and significant finds like that are very valuable because science can use them for important studies in the origin of life and to find out more about the environmental factors that may have contributed to the end of the age of the dinosaurs millions of years ago.

But there are lots of fossils that are discovered all the time that can be purchased for your own ornamental or educational uses at prices that any of us can afford. A fossil, after all, is nothing more than an impression of a life form from the past in a rock or the actual fossilized remnants of a creature from the past. Not all fossils are millions of years old. In fact, you can probably find a location near your home that will allow you and your family to come in and mine real fossils right from the sides of a hill. When you get there, you will find hundreds of fossilized insects and plants pressed into the stone left over from some time long ago. This is a fun and educational outing for the kids.

The abundance of simple fossils make it possible for you to buy real fossils if you want to set up a display in your classroom. Any schoolteacher would be thrilled to put such a display out for her students. The sounds of “oh wow”, and “that is so cool” is music to the ears of teachers who want to create excitement about science in the students in her class. But there a lots of uses for low cost fossils in the home. You can create fun activities for the kids in the form of a craft where they “discover” fossils in the back yard. Or a nice collected of fossils makes a nice decorating touch in the bathroom or set inside of a tasteful glass vase to position on the mantel of your house.

To get sufficient quantity of fossils for these uses, finding a wholesale distributor is important. As is true when you want to find good prices on a lot of products, the internet is a good place to start. EBay or educational web sites that sell teachers aids and equipment at wholesale prices are a godsend for a teacher with grand educational goals but no budget to support that vision. By shopping smart online, you can find discount prices that can take your dream of a great display based on fossils a reality. It just takes a willingness to shop smart for what you want and a good idea for what you want so you buy just the right fossils for your activity or decoration and nothing more.