Fossil Shell Flour

When you have pets, fleas are not only a problem for your dog or cat because they make the animal itchy. Fleas are dangerous to the animal because fleabites can get infected and that infection can spread both on the skin and to internal organs. If not properly attended to, fleabites can make your pet very sick and in some cases, the outcome can be deadly. But when a pet gets infested with fleas, that animal can spread fleas everywhere, even in your house. When fleas infest your carpet and furniture, you can become a victim of attacks of fleas that is unstoppable and horrifying to live through.

To get control over the problem, you must get rid of the fleas on your animal. A flea bath and many treatments that your dog or cat will eat can help free the animal of the bugs at least for a little while. But that does no good if your yard or even your home is full of new fleas. Within moments after you get your pet home from getting a flea bath, he can be infested again after just a few moments in a flea infested lawn.

So to be truly effective at not just stopping fleas once but getting rid of them for good, you have to go after them at the source and spray or treat both your home and your yard for fleas. Many people object to flea treatments because they are intrusive, expensive and can be harmful to pets as well. Flea “bombs” in the house call for you to vacate the home for as long as a day. Then when you come back in, you have an awful smell to deal with and you have to wash anything that was left out so you don’t get any flea dust into your system accidentally.

A natural solution to this problem is to use a proven flea deterrent that does not interrupt your life and that is not dangerous to pets or to you. That deterrent is fossil shell flour. It is a powder that will kill the fleas either in the yard or in your carpet and do so quickly and without the interruption to your life that spraying causes. The application of fossil shell flour is easy to do. Outdoors, just sprinkle the powder on the lawn and in your beds making sure to put a coat all around the parameter of the house.

Inside you simply lay down a layer of the fossil shell flour in the carpet. Use a broom to gently work it in for a few minutes. That is all there is to it. You can continue to live in the home as the power does its job. You don’t get flea treatment on your dishes and the family can use the home as always. Allow the fossil shell powder to stay down for 48 hours and vacuum it up.

This is a natural and very effective way to kill fleas in every open space in your home. It eliminates fleas from the property and it even can deter ants and other unwanted pests from your home as well. It only takes a few treatments a year to send a message to the fleas that they are not welcome in your home or on your pets. And you took action in a natural and safe way for your family. It is a great solution to a very pesky problem.