Fossil Accumulating Calamity In Indiana

When fossil was accumulating, road cuts could hold several prizes for fossil hunters. Fossil hunters ARE CAREFUL! Those cuts hold something much more: varmints that will indeed hang on to your skin long after you’ve taken your fossil treasures home.

A Lesson Discovered
We’re brand-new at this fossil searching thing. Oh, we found our share of relics when we were children and also young adults, but as authentic rock canines, we are beginners. We found out the varmint lesson by hand this summer.

The Risk Indicator
On a tip from a pal on an excellent location to discover crinoids, we excitedly clambered over a roadway cut in southerly Indiana, disregarding the dead giveaways that should have made us make sure. In the excitement of fossil gathering, we neglected the water that was seeping from the cut … Never thinking that the plants were anything more than a light obstacle to our rock pestering.

Something Found Us
By the next morning, our underarms, as well as waistlines, were dotted with quarter-inch red bumps. Surprisingly, the chiggers had not cared much for our ankle joints! My hubby that grew up in the west had never experienced the intense irritation of those little critters. Days after we arrived home and also still itching, he scoured the net for preventions and treatments.

Oh, Now I Keep in mind
I need to have known better. I grew up in southerly Ohio; chiggers belonged to day-to-day summer season life. I also need to have thought about the poisonous substance ivy that was lurking there. Be the 3rd day after we arrived home, my whole face was puffy and also red … and the itching was nearly intolerable. The poison seemed to spread for weeks. It was a complete two months before the last of the awful red spots were gone.

Better Safe Compared to Sorry
So when fossil gathering takes heed! Cover your body COMPLETELY when you head out in the field. In addition to your rock hammer, lug some powdered sulfur to massage around your ankle joints, waist, wrists and also underarms. My mother never went out to the yard without very first dowsing herself in that natural chigger-repellent.

Make certain you have access to a warm shower and also use different cleansers for eliminating the urushiol (poisonous substance ivy sap or oil) that triggers the watery blisters.

A little awareness regarding the plants and also pets that shared the roadway cut would certainly have made our excursion … or the return from it, a lot more enjoyable!

A Lasting Memory
We did locate lots of crinoid fossils, yet they were not just what we remember most about this fossil gathering journey!

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