September 2017

Transitional Fossils

Transitional fossils, or the supposed absence thereof, has been used for several years by anti-evolutionists to refute evolution. Below, I will discuss exactly what a transitional fossil is, and also why it is not valid as an argument versus advancement. A transitional fossil reveals the evolutionary development from one types to an additional. For instance, if micro organism 1 existed 70 million years ago, as well as organism two, turns up in the fossil record 5 million years later on, then theoretically there should be intermediate varieties in this 5 million year space, which shows the gradual progression from one variety to another.…
Living Fossils

No question you have heard the claims from young planet creationists about living fossils. A "living fossil" is a microorganism that is believed to have been vanished, then it shows up alive on planet earth. The case by young earth creationists is that these living fossils are evidence that the planet is young. The reasoning is that given that all microorganisms were alive just 4,300 years back, before the moment that they date the Flooding of Noah, after that it is sensible to assume that they are still active today. I'm sure everybody is aware of the most renowned living fossil, the coelacanth, the fish thought to be extinct 65 million years back.…